Friday, 16 June 2017


You're a vegan? So you can eat nothing now. Well, basically I eat everything. It's about 4 things that I don't have in my diet: meat, eggs, milk (butter, cheese) and honey. You think it's that much that you can say all I eat is grass, nothing more? I dont think so. But let's start with the base- how I went vegan and why.
It all has started, I believe in October 2015, when my dad and I watched "Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky"
 (click if you want to see this) and it was awful. It was so eyes-opening and I will never regret that one hour. We decided to go vegan. My dad is a happy vegan since then but I ate a donut the day after which wasn't so plant based, well :))) It was pretty hard for me, I tried but after 5 days I believe I thought I can't go through my life without cheese, what were I thinking. That's how my first approach ended. I kept above video in mind whenever I wanted to eat a cheese and now I don't know how I could still ate it, but the good thing is I wasn't eating eggs and milk by itself so it was a bit of a progress anyway. By the end of April 2016 I came on this channel on YouTube called "hot for food" (click again). It is a vegan cooking channel and it's amazing. When I saw all this food, oh my.
I was curious about vegan mac and cheese and I thought that if this would taste like a real cheese pasta then I'm in. You won't believe but it was like cheese, legit cheese. It was creamy, salty and delicious. I went plant-based cause nothing gonna stop me now right? I had my moments of course when I ate pie with eggs in it or something, but it ended with a beginning of September and since then I haven't touched anything what contained animal products. 
Now when I'm vegan for a while I noticed more pluses than not killing animals, being cruelty free is amazing but what comes with that keeps you with your rights even more. It's so healthy, believe me animal products aren't good for you. You can eat how much you want and whatever you want, Gab and I eat fries even 4 times a week (of course not these from mc or something, we prefer them from the oven without too much unnecessary oil but that's not the point). Of course we have balanced diet so don't need to worry about vitamins, all we need is some b12 of course but it's nothing we can't have living our lifestyle. 
Remember that meat has no taste by itself so the key is seasoning. Plant-based kitchen is of course full of different seasoning and it's fun when you're making BBQ burgers from beans and taste the same. Some things are that similar that no one wouldn't believe it's vegan. We have fishless fingers at Tesco which taste exactly like fish fingers but without death so yeah you can say it is more appetising :))) There are no such thing that couldn't be veganised, we can make "eggs" so shoutout to that. 

What can I add, go vegan it's super tasty, filling (believe it or not) and you can enjoy your food with clear conscience that you haven't payed for killing innocent beings.

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