Sunday, 28 May 2017


Well hello.

I wasn't posting anything lately so pardon me, but the reason is I was pretty busy preparing something special for Gab as a gift for our second anniversary. I'm very grateful for having him in my life, for everything he's done for me. Love is something special. It's really heart-warming to see and feel that someone cares about and for you. Everything is easier with that most important person. I've never
been as happy as I am by his side. But enough of this! I didn't felt like writing just for a sake of writing so I wasn't present here. I refound my interest for making videos so stay tuned. Also I feel like making music, I'm super inspired and full of energy after my little break down. The weather is just on point, really warm sometimes overwhelming but I'm too excited about summer to care. It feels like we'll stay in Glasgow for holidays so I hope we could at least go to some cute places. Well I'm sure we will. I want to make some post about plant-based diet but we'll see, cause people can be very  sceptical, but I'll probably try to make a difference. I'm really great right now and hope you're doing okay as well. I'm in a very good mood and have so many plans, but we'll see what future will bring. Have a nice Sunday, love you all my 3 faithful readers.

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