Monday, 1 May 2017


I just realised how thankful I am and how worthy it is. People, especially young people, are so spoiled these days. They appreciate nothing and constantly want more from life, from parents. Everything is given to them so easily, on a plate. I have just right example and let's say it was a girl-  she wanted to make a tattoo. Once she told parents about it they of course didn't let her do it and as a bargaining card they said she'll get a, new then, iPhone 6. That was what she said and I'm very
confident it's true. She of course made a deal with them and when she got a phone she started the tattoo thing all over again. Well,  how you'd raised it you'll have it. A couple of months ago I was doing exactly the same thing as I will say as a next example. People always complain about every little thing, it's nothing new. I will get my hand cut if it's not true but I know that you compare yourself to others, everyone does at some point. He has a better phone, she is prettier, what would I do if I have that much money as they have. We don't appreciate things at all. But it's not only one way thing remember, we will always have something that other person wants. Be grateful for what you have before you lose it. It's sometimes hard to notice, some things are just too obvious. But let me tell you for what I'm thankful for, maybe it will help you. First and the most important, I'm scared to think who would I be if not my love. My charming boyfriend who's taking the best care of me. Who is my everything what's most important in that world. I'm so thankful for having so incredible person at my side. Of course I can't forget about my family and friends who will always have my back if needed. I'm also thankful that I'm healthy, it may sounds pathetic but I've been pretty unlucky in that aspect. The most important is I'm good now and really happy with that. I appreciate that I can live here- in Glasgow after a long time of long-distance relationship, waking up to beautiful sound of Kendrick Lamar rapping in my bathroom while Gab is taking a shower:))) that's the life I want to live. There are so many things that make us happy, so many people, so many emotions. Think about it. Just don't forget to thank.

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