Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I was pretty unsure if this post is a good idea but it needs to be done. Should I be ashamed of this pic or no? I think it's nothing you've never seen before. Why are we so afraid of our anatomy? Everyone knows how body looks either it's women's or men's. We keep lining the border but there was no shame before. I can't get my ass out from jeans when I want to sunbathe in public places like parks, which is normal here in Glasgow to do so, but my lingerie is showing too much. Well first of all who
let you wear underwear to sunbathe, it's sort of a crime. You can wear swimsuit but regular panties, are you crazy? Slut alert. But that's not what I wanted to write about. We all see ourselves naked but when it gets to bare skin of someone else we're like- hold on is this her side boob? Wow what a whore:) And the nipples? Omg how could you not to wear a bra? Simple as it is, not very comfy. Internet is so full of stuff like this so I believe you all saw a butt and tits so stop pretending like it's a taboo part of the body. We live in a free world but yet our anatomy is forbidden, what is up with that? Some people are so outraged when they see a mother who's feeding her baby like why is your boob outside, disgusting. I know in some places like restaurants I get it but who still does that? Ending this controversial post I just want to say that it's only a body you see, don't feel like it's something wrong, we all have same things under our clothes, believe me.

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