Monday, 10 April 2017


By the beginning of June I'll be 19. I always thought of this age as it starts the best part of your life, cause 18 is so overrated... Your 18 birthday- the best gift you receive should be that freedom of choice that you've been dreaming of since you were a child right? But suddenly it's not counting. You could buy a beer earlier so nothing really changed. You're just left with the thinking what was the big deal. I'll tell you what it was. When we are kids we think that life will be awesome after 18 because
now we can't decide of anything. We will try everything, go to so many places, meet interesting people but the reality is that nothing changes. We're forgetting that we can decide and that's what we do wrong. WE ARE ON THE TOP OF OUR LIVES NOW, we're young and opened. Why all we do is lying in bed and chatting when we can go out and talk? There is so much world to see, so many cultures to get known, so many people to meet, so many feelings to feel, so many things to try and yet we still doing nothing. What about living? It's not just that you need to stay alive for the longest you can, believe me. Aren't you afraid of the life unlived? I think you would like to do a lot of things, and that's what you're keep saying "I'd like to". It's time to wake up cause your youth won't last forever. Make memories which help you to state that your life was amazing and you've done everything to make it that way or else what's the point in breathing till the last one? I hope to achieve huge things but now when my budget isn't big enough I don't wait until I could do them, I'm doing something else to keep me warmed up. Everyone has lazy days, the thing is not to let them be your life but just lazy days. Don't let yourself be monotonous, because world has too many things to offer. Start taking your life and dreams seriously because it may be too late one day.

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