Sunday, 16 April 2017


Humble is perceived as a must have in personality traits. Furthermore if you're not humble, people may consider you as conceited. Now, what about being confident? Society likes to emphasize on being humble, quiet, not leaning out- that's why self-confidence is such a struggle. Being confident is knowing yourself and using that knowledge to highlight your advantages and hide disadvantages. When you know where you stand it's easier to "sell" yourself. Life requires you to know your price.
You have to introduce yourself to your potential employer or school as the most valuable person. They don't need you to be humble. You have to show that you're better than every other candidate. You can't feel like your overrating yourself, that's something else and it's happening when you have no humble inside which seems impossible because it shoutouts everywhere. It's not only about important situations but daily basis as well. How many times you've heard "I'm so fat" from the skinny person who just want you to deny it. Believe me, there is no shame in saying that you have a nice body or eyes or brows or butt or something else, doesn't matter. Some people will think that you're a narcissist but it's only because they don't love themselves and want acceptance from others so don't bother. Of course there is some place for complexes but that's a different story. Focus on highlighting best of you and make everything to work hard on yourself, not only physically but mentally too. That's what'll help you to live pleasantly.

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