Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Such a clichéd topic like this one shouldn't be raised so many times but well, nobody can't do it right. It's not just the love yourself thing, you need to have some reasonableness too. There are so many commercials saying that if you're obese then you have nothing to be ashamed of, don't let yourself think that it's your fault. It wasn't you who ate all of the candies and drank coke last evening. But let me tell you something, it is wrong to be fat so stop being like "boys can't handle this body".
Overweight it's a disease and yes of course you can love yourself but keep in mind that it's not healthy. If you like your body, that's great cause it's worth a world to be happy with yourself but so is being healthy. While I'm at the gym I see not only skinny girls and I' m really proud of the other ones, because they just started and that's the hardest part. You should take care of yourself- eat clean and exercise just a little bit. I mean, there is nothing wrong with having a bag of Doritos once a time :))) but have your moderation. Back to the topic. When you're dissatisfied with your appearance then change it. Same with the skinny girls. If you think you look like clothe hanger- go to the gym and get some muscles. If you don't like your hair- cut it, dye it, curl it, whatever. Start loving yourself. If not the one you are, then you have two options- grow up or change something. If you feel like a tomboy.. wear a skirt and maybe do makeup.  Remember that some things make you YOU. Not everyone is a Victoria's Secret model but as I said there is no template. Every each of us has different and beautiful body, just take care of yourself, not only on the outside but inside as well. When you're unhappy, don't wait for it to become the best of itself, just make it that way. Stop making simple things complicated and looking for excuses for your lazy, sad ass.

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