Thursday, 20 April 2017


What's more frustrating than seeing a group of girls wearing same clothes? I think being one of them.
Our appearance is showing ourselves and everything what we have in our mind. How can you win somebody's interest when you're outstanding less than Harley Quinn on last Halloween? Help yourself and stop going blindly after every "trend". Take some clothes out and mix them, experiment. Wear what you like and be original. Since I moved to Glasgow I noticed that every girl is the same
one primark model. So I thought it was the best time to exceed my comfort zone and show more of myself. I tried to make boring clothes interesting and it came out really fun. If you have basic, elegant, white shirt you should definitely get a bit crazy with it.  Undo some of the buttons or pull it down a little, do something to make it more "you". Don't be afraid of it. Speaking of now, I don't think that there are some main trends, people start to express themselves with what they wear which is the best you can do for yourself. If you feel bad with how the things are maybe that's what you need. You could finally feel good with who you are. Break the ice and don't be afraid of what people say cause sometimes they are just jealous. There are no music genre for everyone, and same is with fashion. There will be 100 people in love with your outfit and 200 saying that they won't go dressed like that even to take a shit, but well- you listening to music and you wearing clothes. If you like it- you will feel comfortable and confident in it. Fashion is extraordinary and so are you, just go and have fun with it!

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