Friday, 31 March 2017


Every inch of life depends on your choice, what you will or won't do. Adventure that you might be a part of decides of your memories and what's more important- future. If every time when you need to make a choice, you would have this voice saying that risk is what you need to stay alive, will you still play it safe? I think you will. People are so afraid to step out of their comfort zone that all they have are dreams which seem impossible to fulfill. But do you really want to lie to yourself that it's not the
time, that you're too young, too old, too poor, too dumb? There will always be something that will hold you till "tomorrow" or better "cause you know how it is- it isn't worth to start now, but Monday maybe?", yeah definitely Monday :)) I don't want it to be cheezy but what I believe in is that every little thing is in our hands and what people say is the last thing you should be worried about because it's your life that you live, not theirs. These are just words, but I have done that- I listened to myself. I was going to school, I tried to live my parents dreams- school is the most important, you need to learn and then have a good job so you could have easier than we had. Some of it is true but what was at school is always the same in every scenario- don't think outside of the box, it is only one good answer to that and only one way of thinking. School doesn't teach how to start your own business cause all they want for you is to be somebody's employee. What I want to say is that I just wanted to be happy and I wasn't. At some point I hated going to school so much, because of these fake people around and bossy teachers who only want to feel better than you cause you're only a kid and they have some power. I'm not talking about every single teacher but definitely most of them. My boyfriend was about 2400km away so yeah as I said I was pretty unhappy. We talked a lot and after a long time we decided. I went for broke- I quit school and came to Glasgow, which is where my boyfriend live. I had a plan of course, I wanted to go to college and study Events Management by the end of August 2017, and till then I will find a job. My parents unfortunately weren't like go for it girl or something :)) (and as I think you couldn't say- so weren't my friends but that's a different story). Mom and dad were pissed, because they couldn't do anything about it. I waited till my 18 birthday and made my plan come true. Aftert holidays I was in Scotland, and now? Now my boyfriend and I have an apartment and we're making small but effective steps to start our business, my interview to college went good so say hi to future student, I found a job and what's the most important I have the happiness that I was dreaming of. Don't be afraid to take risks because everyone hear the same shit from people around, teachers or parents but it's you that need to decide if you want to be like others, if you want to wake up, cause everything you'd like to have in life won't come itself to you. Find the best way to fulfill yourself. What they want you to live in, is a scheme but you don't need to fill in if you don't want to, it's always your choice. Find the best way to your happiness.

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